A Colorado Sense for Community


Front Range Communities, LLC is a sophisticated and experienced real estate developer and investor throughout the Front Range of Colorado. We act in concert with our equity partner, JEN Partners (, to thoroughly and swiftly analyze and underwrite investment and development opportunities and close transactions expeditiously.


We are highly qualified in various transaction types including land acquisitions, joint ventures, note purchases, land banking and infrastructure development - but Front Range‚Äôs creativity and financial agility permit us to execute other structures as well.  We focus on superior locations which are desirable to the ultimate end-users, be they homebuilders, multi-family developers or retail/commercial users.  


Front Range is an expert in creating memorable, high quality, high value communities as it focuses on:

* Entitlements

* Metropolitan District Formation and Operation

* Thoughtful and Creative Land Planning

* Value Engineering

* Environmental Sustainability

* Neighborhood Relations

* Creative and Flexible Deal Structuring